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Re: Formula Help:(

Hi mama!

Definitely get him checked by the ped for reflux.

The formula I always recommend is Nestle Good Start Supreme. Please bear with me - I HATE Nestle as a company, but there is no other formula that uses 100% whey proteins. Similac, store brands, Enfamil etc use a mixture of whey and casein which is harder for a baby's stomach to digest. I would be in seventh heaven if some other companies would start offering this, but I'm not aware of any that have.

For the gas, get some generic gas drops (Mylicon is simply too expensive in my opinion; walmart's brand is like less then half the price.) Mix the bottle of formula, open it BACK up, add .4 mil of gas drops to the bottle and shake again. Not only will all the bubbles in the bottle go away (which can lead to gas etc), but it'll help in your DS's system too. It's almost impossible to OD on gas drops so you can do this with every bottle; my ped suggested it.

I'm not familiar with the Dr Brown's bottles, but I like the Playtex nursers; there's a disc on the bottom of the bottle to force the air out of the bottle liner all the way up the nipple, and then when baby feeds there's no air left in the bottle for them to swallow.

Just my ! I hope your kiddo feels better soon!
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