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Re: Formula Help:(

My twins switched from breastmilk to Similac at about 6wks and they did horribly with it. Gassy, spitting up and such... I ended up switching to whatever WIC gave us which was Enfamil at the time and they were fine. I don't know if it was just the Similac or what?
My other boys did fine with whatever I gave them, Nathen it was Enfamil and Joey was Similac Advanced since WIC had switched to that by '04. With my 5th guy I BFd for 4 mos and he has a milk allergy that was causing eczema so he's been on Soy every since. I have tried to introduce dairy products here and there, certain baby foods w/ milk or cheese in it and he still gets rashy so we're stickin' with soy! The soy formula cans all say "works in 3 days" as far as fussiness and spitting up. Good luck!!
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