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Re: I hate people like me...

i don't want to pretend i know how you feel, b/c i admit that i don't, but anyway.

i just was thinking about this, and it sorta just made me mad. i've gotten looks and comments from bf'ing in public, and i live in a pretty progressive town. it just pisses me off that regardless of what you do, bf, bottle feed, whatever, it seems like the world just tends to judge moms!!! we go through so much just at home with pregnancy/delivery/child care and often WOH'ing, and then we have to deal with being self conscious about how we feed our babies!!!

so i guess what i'm saying is just what the pp's have said. don't worry about other people, they don't know you and your struggle, you'll probably never see them again, etc... do your thang, mama!!! it just makes me mad that you've felt self concious bottle feeding, AND i've felt self conscious bf'ing. it just all seems too much to comprehend sometimes!!!
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