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Re: Formula Help:(

Hi. Just wanted to add my 3 cents worth. My triplets have reflux. they were hospitalized for 8 days with it at 2 months old. unfortunately, if it is reflux, your baby may get worse before he gets better. 3 months-4 months was the peak for us, but mine were 8 weeks early, so it may be more like 1-2 mos for you. not sure.

anyway--we went through 6 different formulas and as many meds. my suggestion is if they suggest reglan, say 'no'. my trio was on thsi med for reflux and it made them miserable. as it turns out it has some really nasty side effects--like hallucinating and stomach cramping that nobody that little should experience. there is also some evidence that it might cause permanent neurological damage. Plus--there are so many other options such as Zantac, Axid, Carafate, Prevacid--the only thing that worked for my trio) and I think even prilosec.

Also--you can add rice cereal to the formula rather than buying A.R. Alot of people have luck with Good start formula. It didn't work for us. Alimentum is supposed to be better for sensitive tummies too. if it is reflux, fell free to email me. we have ALOT of experience with this subject unfortunately.
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