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Re: Am I expecting too much?

I have to recommend swaddling as well. Also--I probably have a different pespective than others here as I have triplets, and well--baby wearing 3 babies wasnt an option. Also--not my thing, which is ok too.

I began at 3 months trying to teach my babes to go to sleep in the crib. I would put them in a sleep sack, turn on the sound machine, give pacis and leave the room. I would go back in and pat them and my goal was for them to get 30 mins asleep in there. I just wanted them to learn to go to sleep on their own. I didnt do the CIO thing...again, not my style, but my babies did cry a little. I would love on them but not pick them up. Very shortly they began falling asleep on their own. NOw they are great sleepers. they love their cribs and do not view them as jails or anything. I encourage you to be flexible though. In my opinion babies rebel against super rigid schedules. You can help them learn to fall alseep without making them feel abandoned.

Also--my babes slept 2 naps a day in cradle swings until 1 month ago. if you dont have a side to side swing, get one. these are life savers. you obviously dont want baby in it all day, but it is great for naps. HTH
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