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Re: Formula Help:(

Hey mama,

It *could* be reflux but I've heard of babies having this issue for more reasons as well.

Spitting up 1 oz is mild in comparrison. Babies who have issues with milk are generally puking across the room the entire bottle. LOL If he's only eating a few ounces that is a lot though.

The gasiness he is experiencing is from ALL the iron in Similac. It's loaded with it. That is also the cause of the constipaiton.

My ds was doing almost everything your dc is doing (except he didn't puke that much up at a time...well, maybe sometimes....LOL).

Similac and Isomil Advanced w/iron SUCK IMO if you have a baby like we do. LOL Too hard to digest and horried on the bowels because of the "advanced" formula they now make and because of all of the IRON. Results in spitting up, crying after eating (painful gas), constipation.

We switched to Nestle Carnation Good Start SUPREME. THAT DID IT! DS still had bowel issues but he's almost 3 now and still does so it's just his body (his dad was the same way when he was a baby/toddler).

My dd was on Similac w/ Iron (this was 10 yrs ago so no "advanced" formula was out then). She ate fine but did have the constipation and could burp like a MONSTER!! OMG it was crazy! DS can do it too though! LOL

She was ALWAYS constipated. So, Dr/family said to put a small amount of DARK Karo syrup in the bottom of the bottle (just a small amount - to slightly cover the bottom of the bottle tsp ??) and that acted as a stool softner. Way better than JUICE! AND, you'll only need to do it once or twice a week (can't remember how many times per week we did it). I'd just give it to her and wait 24 hrs for results (normally it didn't need that long to work). Go until I saw her straining or saw hard stools and give it to her again.

HTH! Good luck tonight.

BTW, a lot of babies with reflux scream and scream and scream, while eating. They'll drink a little, then want to sit up and SCREAM then they are hungry so you give it to them again, again, they stop eating and start screaming. Then, they puke a lot!

My old best friend ebf and her ds would do this. Turned out he had GERD (or is it GURD)?.

ETA: My neighbors dd (has downs) and has GERD and they prescribed Zantac/tec. Worked wonders for her! Met a mama at the airport a week ago and her dd had it to and she used Zantec too and it worked. No side effects to speak of for both of them.
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