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Re: Formula Help:(

Originally Posted by ravenonyx
Hi mama!

Definitely get him checked by the ped for reflux.

The formula I always recommend is Nestle Good Start Supreme. Please bear with me - I HATE Nestle as a company, but there is no other formula that uses 100% whey proteins. Similac, store brands, Enfamil etc use a mixture of whey and casein which is harder for a baby's stomach to digest. I would be in seventh heaven if some other companies would start offering this, but I'm not aware of any that have.
Just had to say that I agree with this totally! We looked at every cheap and name brand formula to see if they were made with the exact same stuff Good Start is and NONE of them do.


My son had huge issues with the way we fixed the bottles (bubbles = gassiness, burping, crying).

Try doing this for powdered formula or concentrate:

Take the formula and mix as directed ONLY make a WHOLE pitcher of it at ONE TIME. Put the formula and water in the pitcher and WISK it to mix it (some ppl put it in a blender after doing the pitcher measurements).

After it's mixed put it in the fridge for several hours. Check on it to see if the bubble are all gone and then pour into your dc's bottles *gently/slowly* so you don't create more.

Then, you have tons of ba ba's around and only need to grab, gently move up and down to gently mix (do it once) and microwave, steam, or stove top heat it to warm it up. If you microwave be sure to do the "gentle mixing 1x" after you heat it so you only do it 1 x and so it distributes the heat and let the bottle sit for a bit with the lid off to make sure there are no hot spots (microwaving isn't recommended by the Ped's though).

Don't EVER mix a bottle on the spot and shake it and then give it to your dc if he/she has gas issues, crying whatever. The air in the bottle (no matter what bottle you have it won't help get rid of all the air) will go through to your childs stomach and cause pain and gas.

My ds had to switch bottles, formula and then have his bottles prepared to "fix" his gas/crying/constipation issues. That did it to!
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