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Re: Castor oil vs. prune juice????

Originally Posted by rpg_mommy
I know a lot of women swear by castor oil for induction, but medically, it isn't recomended for pregnant or nursing women. Labor is uncomfortable enough without having diarrhea and vomiting, which castor oil causes. I also think (JMHO) that babies should be allowed to bake till they are done - some babies take longer to develop than others and if you induce labor even a week or two before they are ready to come, they can have lots of lung problems. I remember how uncomfortable those last few weeks of pregnancy are, but it's over before you know it! Babies know when they are ready to be born - don't rush em!

As far as the difference between the two - castor oil actually causes your intestines to cramp, whereas prune juice (really just the fiber it contains) helps your intestines flow more regularly, so I don't think they'd work the same way.
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