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Re: Formula Help:( Another Question

My babes are on Neocate. It is $35 per can and a can lasts a day here. It measures out to be 3 cups of powdered formula, so not very much...not like the big cans in stores. this usually has to be special ordered and you get it at the pharmacy. if your doctor writes a prescription, you might get it tax free, but I doubt insurance will pay. CIGNA & AETNA didnt pay for ours. thank GOd we have WIC. BUT--I think you are getting you cart ahead of your horse. This was our 6th formula, my kids had been hospitalized for failure to thrive, had regurgitive and nonregurgutive reflux, and my trio had already been on each of the following drugs & combinations of them: Zantac, reglan, carafate, & axid. So--Im guessing you wont be going the specialized route anytime soon unless this gets a LOT worse. best of luck!
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