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Re: Finally I did it...

WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember my DH being freaked out with me nursing in public the first time with our first baby. Than again, I got to smart back with "Well, you're the one that told me to not worry because we forgot the diaper bag and I "have the food right here" so stop trying to shield me with that big ol' blanket! You're calling more attention to me!" Our baby was less than two weeks old (and yes, I forgot the diaperbag.. hey, at least I didn't forget the kid!) So I had it in me to be rebellious from the get go...

Keep it up and it does get easier... the only thing to remember is that if there is an inkling of a chance you'll have to nurse in public, wear a good nursing bra that is easy to get undone/done back up (preferrably with one hand) and a shirt that if baby goes "Whooooopsiedaisy I SEE YOU!" and lifts the dang thing up you won't be exposing everything. My 1 yr old LOVES to do that!

good luck and keep it going!
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