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Re: Still no af 21 months & need some tips on 'gentle' weaning...

Thanks mama's! I've somehow managed to get him down to nursing just for naps and bedtime for the past two days, today will be the 3rd day... I'm finding out that when I'm sitting, this is when he wants to nurse, but as long as I'm up and busy walking etc, he doesn't try to nurse.. The times he's tried, I just have used distraction and got up to walk with him and offer him a drink and snack and it's been working!! And I've been giving him extra hugs and kisses too so he knows mama loves him! Hopefully I can stay consistent with this, it hasn't been exactly smooth sailing, and I don't get much of a break to sit and relax... Maybe in the next few days or so he will understand that we have our nursing sessions for nite nite times... Maybe once his bday is here in March, we can start to cut out the nap nursing.. then the bedtime.. If anyone else is currently trying to cut out nursings, please share how you're doing it, and how it's going..
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