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Re: How do you entertain?

Originally Posted by momof4
Try rotating your toys so that some are hidden away for a week or more, then bring them out to replace others -- that will keep interest fresh. Basically, at that age, variety is good -- you can do the same kinds of things, just vary the details -- one day blocks, the next day legos; one day playdough, the next day make cookies, etc. And large motor stuff; push toys, slides, climbing things are popular, as is water play. Some ideas: spread out newspaper and fill a dish basin with rice (easier cleanup than sand if you can spare it), and provide cups for pouring. Or offer a small plastic beaker, like the kind in toy kitchens, and water with a drop of food coloring, along with a tray and a sponge, and teach how to pour and then sponge up, then squeeze sponge and do again. Simple craft projects are good, with stickers on a shape that you cut out. And music to dance to is great! HTH...

Thanks mama why didn't I think of the rice thing LOL. I used to love to play with rice and things to that nature when I was little. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun thanks for the ideas. I sometimes think my brain doesn't work anymore.
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