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Dylon recipes for a rainbow of color!

These are all Dylon dyes. All are mixed in 10 cups of hot water, 4 tblspns of salt and mixed VERY WELL. Dyes 4 infant pf's at a time. These are the colors that set up in about an hour.

Top Row

Robins Egg- two tsps of vivid turquoise
Vivid Turqoise- whole pack of vivid turquoise
Periwinkle-two tsp of dark purple + 1 tsp royal blue.
Rose- 1 tsp of pink+ 1tsp of poppy red

Bottom Row

Melon- Two tsp of orange+ 1 tsp poppy red (only soaked for 1/2 hour)
Sunflower Yellow (bad pf)- 1 pack of sunflower yellow
Light yellow- 1 tsp sunflower + 1 tsp spring green
Jade-2 tsp of lime+ 1 tsp green

More colors and recipes to come!
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