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Re: Nursing to pacify + overfeeding?

My ds has a real shallow suck that he uses when he is just comfort nursing, and he rarely swallows, which tells me that he isn't getting a lot of milk. And in fact, it rarely even will trigger a let down (he will get upset if it does - lol). I would imagine that your ds also knows how to get milk and how to not get milk from the breast depending on what he wants at the time.

However - if he has been super fussy, he is probably swallowing a lot of air when he is crying. *That* is probably your culprit for the spitting up.

Also, if he is teething, he might be swallowing a lot of drool in addition to milk. I have found that when teething, with the extra drool and fussing, my ds spits up a ton, and otherwise he rarely does. We were up all night nursing because he's working on the 8th tooth (ds is 11 mos, got his first tooth at 5 mos) so we've got lots of experience with teething now - lol!

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