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Re: Packed Lunches

DJ's really picky so I'm always at a loss for what to send him. He loves it when I send a little cup of peanut butter and some crackers so that he can make his own "cracker sandwiches" at lunchtime. He also likes pepperoni and cheese on crackers. The school sends home a "hot lunch" menu/order form for the whole month so I try to look at what they're serving and send something similar for him. Seems like he eats better if he has the same thing as his friends, even if it did come from home. I also usually send whatever fresh fruit we have around or dried or canned fruit if we don't have any fresh. And he's on a carrot thing lately...has to have those baby carrots at every meal!

James is a little harder since he's just learning to feed himself and hasn't really mastered the fork and spoon yet (and he's exhausted by lunchtime and very temperamental about what he eats!) He usually gets yogurt or fruit and pretzels or crackers or peanut butter crackers or occasionally leftovers if it's something I think he'll eat.

When we make our own trail mix, I put out a bunch of things on the counter and let the boys pick what they want to dump in: Dry cereal (Chex or Cheerios or something remotely healthy), raisins, dried bananas, dried blueberries, pretzels, nuts (whatever kind I have handy), M&Ms (although DJ knows that if he picks all the candies out and leaves the rest, he won't get to put candy in next time!)

ETA: They both really like granola bars too and DJ likes jello but he thinks it's "cooler" to have the prepackaged kind in the little cups rather than what I send him in a tupperware bowl! I asked him the other day if he ate his lunch and he said, no, he threw his yogurt away. I asked him why he did that and he said because he wanted to eat Noah's yogurt. When I looked in his lunchbox, there was the empty packaging from some yogurt with Dora or something on it!
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