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How to snap a Muttaqin Baby 3 rise

Here is the smallest setting

DD is 7lbs 10oz in these photos.

This is the smallest setting. You first have to snap the soaker inside to the lowest snaps.

Then snap down the front to the middle row of snaps. And fold the velour facing out over so it rests against your baby's skin.(There are 3 rows of snaps)

You can snap to fit your little one's waist.

Here is Mom2KG's example of the medium setting

Originally Posted by Mom2KG View Post
Ok since I sold these to you I'll include a little tutorial on the 3sr It confused the heck out of me at first but once I got the hang of it they have become my favorite. My dd is 1 year old about 21 lbs. These are the best pictures I could get because the model was wiggling everywhere. The lovely bruise on her thigh in from a unfortunate accident with her Little Mermaid riding toy last night

We use the 2nd rise setting because I like a nice low rise and it gives an awesome fit for dd's long and skinny build.

First, fold down front flap and snap onto the highest row of snaps

Next, fold snapped section in towards baby's tummy so it looks like this

Now snap to a comfortable, snug setting

For the smallest setting you just fold in down to the 2nd row in the 1st step and then fold towards babys tummy. For the largest setting you just leave the rise unsnapped. Also for the small and middle setting the soaker needs to be snapped in the setting closer to the back of the diaper. For the largest setting it gets snapped in the setting closer to the front of the diaper. Hope all that wasn't too confusing!

The large setting is self explanatory you keep the front all the way up without any folding and use the highest row of snaps to fit.

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