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My son hits all of the points on the list you gave. What is the main difference between an ADD child and an ADHD child? My son is going in to a neurologist for a consult, and I'm curious what the testing will entail? His teachers are just now coming around to agreeing that he may have an attention problem, in conjunction with learning disability testing.....and he's always on the go, he's absolutely exhausting!! Some days I have to take my own "mommy time out" in my bedroom, because I just need to get away from the constant movement. The funny thing is, he's an absolutely fantastic artist. He can draw the most amazing things (animals, cartoons, etc) and sit still long enough to do them!! I have to ask WTHeck? when it happens, because otherwise he's bouncing off the walls, doing this weird crab walk all over the house that drives me batty.

As far as the woman with the preschooler and the teacher, I'd pull my child if you can. I took my son in to the doctor when he was five because of his behaviour, but they said he was too young. From what I was told, right around 3rd grade is when they like to test, as the child should have a solid background in schooling, as that is apparently part of the test (my son hasn't been tested yet for that, so I'm quoting what I heard). Best of luck, boys are a handful even under normal boy behaviour
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