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Re: July babies!

Originally Posted by ShayneLeMaster View Post
I am about an hour or so away. I haven't not personally contacted them, but only because when I was talking to the " vandy midwives" I asked them about the farm and the catch is that in the state of TN midwives have to have a consulting physician and physicians won't sign off on a vba2c for our states insurance reasons they will do one, ( which my OB with #2 failed to tell me actually told me from the begining" there is NO possible way to have a vbac" me being " uneducated",nervous about the pregnancy(1st preg was a little rough and I was 19) I just didn't question it, ) but needless to say I no longer see that doctor for a couple of reasons.

And my other concern with the farm being an hour away, luckily from the native american women in my family we have very fast and nearly painless labors....which is a good thing worry is that by the time I noticed I was in labor ( eg. Began to feel contractions) it would be to late and we wouldn't make it. With #1 & #2 sat un-aware anything was going on with contractions off the chart 2-3min apart and dialateded to 5 with one and 8 with the other....all waiting for my c section.. But I may call them just so I could hear their policy from them and weigh those options..

I would call and see what they say. If you are open to an "illegal" midwife they may be ablt to point you in the right direction.

I am attempting a HBA2C this time around. The only legal midwife I can could find can't do the VBAC part because of her back-up OB but she was able to give me names and numbers of others who could but just weren't legal for IL.

Worth a short if you are wanting to try.
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