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Re: Help me! How do you organize your cds?

I don't know how much room you have to work with, but I got a changing table off Freecycle (it needed two screws and was good as new!) I have baskets sitting on the shelves of it; one holds wipes and sposies, one has pajamas, and the other two have CD covers and prefolds/stuffers/flats respectively. DD is 16 m.o. now and occasionally dumps out the baskets, which makes work cleaning, but nothing's folded very neatly anyway. DH thinks I am a basket-aholic since we have several shelf-and-basket combinations in the house. It's just so convenient!

I know I am going to have to make some changes soon cause she is getting so big...she's very wiggly and it won't be long before she outgrows the changing table. Then I will probably switch her to a big-girl bed and change and dress her on the bed. That's what I'm thinkin', anyway.

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