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Re: Question about implantation(sp?) spotting

Originally Posted by ty&jessie View Post
Ok, so I have two children and have had one miscarrage, all of which have been concieved with a little help in one form or we have never used birth control, we have just (sorry for TMI ) pulled out. well we got caught in a moment and didn't, I had my first AF since DD birth (a few days shy of a whole year) on the 20th od Dec. and DTD on the 31st...well yesterday I had a little spotting. Is this about the right timing for implantation? Could it be spotting from that? I am SO freaking out about this. (good and bad thoughts!) I have never had any spotting with any of my pregnancies except the one I lost, but that was at almost 10weeks. Any thoughts? When is the soonest to test? EEEK!

hey mama... my last AF was 12/20, dh and i are ttc, im charting, and umm i hae spotting today and a bit yesterday... not that you want to hear that but you should have O'd on the 2nd, and you are most fertile up to 5 days before you O

its DEF possible mama.. i have the same thing going on, and i am for stickies!!
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