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Re: twin belly preg. pictures? :O)

Originally Posted by 7arrows4God View Post
You look wonderful, so when did you start measuring ahead and by how much?

Did you feel lots of movement or not so much because they kick each other more.
Thanks mama!
I actually had a gut feeling that it was twins right from the get go...I was measuring ahead right away too...I found out that there were two when I was 10 weeks and I measured 13 weeks-ish.

The movement wasnt as intense as my prior 3 singleton pregnancies as I think they were too squished...I had b/g twins and my boy was the mover lil girl was really quiet. Its funny because they are exaclty the opposite now

The most annoying thing was the were non stop in the end and it hurt

I love to hear about other twin pergnancies! Are you suspecting two?
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