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Folding wrong? Do I need to cut? *pics*

These prefolds are either toddler or premiums. Its the lighter green stitching if that helps. They are the right size for around the waist. The problem is there is excess all over the diaper and I cant get it to fit trim. Its unrolling or doing other funky things. Its mostly happening around the legs. I cant imagine how huge they would be with a cover and pants. I like thin and trim. I've always heard prefolds are very trim. Im not seeing it what am I doing wrong?

I think this is called the jelly roll? It looks trimmer in the pictures then in real life. There is so much at the legs its irritating the crud out of me. How can I fix it?

I was a tried and true bikini twist lover but with these it looks horrible. There is no way I could get a cover on him much less pants as well.

Do I need to cut? If so, what and where do I cut?

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