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Re: How did your parents tell you about sex?

I think it's funny when people when people ask about having "the talk" with your parents! Growing up it was hard to differentiate between having "the talk" and having any other kind of talk in our household! My daddy is a Baptist minister, and him and my mother has always been extremely open about EVERYTHING! There were 4 of us kids growing up and I was the oldest. We learned about sex since we began learning about Adam and Eve!!!! I remember my mother teaching me, first, obviously, by reading me a book called "the wonderful way that babies are made". It's put out by Focus on the Family I believe. Anyway, it has a part you read to younger children, then it has a different and more descriptive section you read to older kids. Anyway, that was when I was little. Then, when I got to be around 9-10, we watched a video about it which really grossed me out. It was nothing graphic, though, but still surprising to me since I didn't even know I had two holes down there!!! Then, each year my mother would come and talk to me about menstruation and that I don't have to be afraid to come to her with anything. Since doing this, my parents haven't stopped talking about sex. Now we just joke about the fact that that is all they wanted to talk about, but I guess I'd rather have it that way than never have spoken about it with them.
The one thing I appreciated from my parents is that they never made the talk out to be a dirty thing or something that is bad, but rather something special and sacred. Hopefully I am able to be as open and sensitive to this when we teach our girls, which I'm already getting nervous about!!
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