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Re: It's finally here!! My custom fluff!!


No discounts for her Yahoo group peeps, but you will have access to about 100 more fabric choices. She does sales quite often, I think she is doing 20% off right now.... (may I help you down from the wagon?

Her sizing is generous I would say. Noah is in mediums, has plenty of room in the rise and on the snaps. He's on the smallest waist setting and the 2nd smallest for the thighs. Of course, what type of soaker you choose will have an effect on the fit. I always choose hemp, both the snap ins and the trifolds are super trim and absorbant. I got sherpa with my first 2 from her and they're super absorbant (trifolds) but made the dipes really bulky. She sent me some soakers for them instead.

I really, really love these diapers. We never have leaks, Noah has even been in one for 4 hours with not even a hint of wetness on the outside, and that says A LOT for my super soaker. I love how they fit and Becky is great to work with. We had a bit of an issue with this order and she made it right, called me on the phone and made sure all was well before she shipped. I'm very pleased with them, even though I waited a little longer than I was told I'd have to.

(Becky-if you're readinf this, you better give me something for all this rave! )
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