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Re: Anyone take Zofran?

I took Zofran with my last pg, I still have a bunch left,lol. I'd give it to ya if you were closer. I used it from 8 weeks til delivery with no adverse effects( except sever constipation, I would go 1-2 weeks without a bm sorry tmi). It didn't make me feel better, but it reduced the vomiting and eventually stopped it. I couldn't ever come off of it or I would start getting sick all over again. I went to er once for iv and later found out I should have been on iv at home too, but by then I was beginning to improve. Zofran kept me alive and from all the research my family and I did it is safer to be on it than to be that sick. The benefits outweigh the risks. Insurance will not want to cover more than about a weeks supply a month but if you get a prior authorization from your ob(can be a pain to get) then they have to pay for it. I went thru this with 2 different ins co.'s (dh's employer switched ins 1/2 wat thru pg) and it worked both times, you just have to pay your copay. HTH, if you need any more info feel free to pm me.
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