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Re: twin belly preg. pictures? :O)

Originally Posted by autumnlily View Post
Okay, I'll work on getting photo's to compare my singleton PG to my current twin PG.

I have been measuring 6.5 weeks ahead the entire PG. I'm currently 25 weeks (tomorrow) and measure 32.3 weeks. I feel as PG as a singleton 32 weeker too!

I know this post is useless w/out photo' perhaps I can try tonight or tomorrow to get a few pictures and pull out the pictures from my DD's PG.

As for movement: I started feeling them around 13 weeks. Nothing consistent or strong - but baby flutters for sure! I'd say the movement is a lot more intense this time around. I started seeing the movement, as did my DH at 17 weeks and the girls are certainly getting stronger and even bystanders can see them from a distance! I also can feel their bodies and positions. Unlike with my DD, a thump was a thump and I really didn't know what hit me. But, with these two - I can distinguish who is who and what body part is thumping me. It's amazing and a bit alienish too!
SO at say 24ish weeks did you already have lost of pressure in your pelvis?? That is the really odd thing to me this time around other than my size... I feel like I am really,really "full" and heavy already and normally I am one of those women that stays bouncy and light feeling until about 8 months along. (My best friend says I am the only woman she has ever seen that at almost 8 months pregnant will run in to pay for gas )
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