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Re: It's finally here!! My custom fluff!!

Originally Posted by heathersgirls
Wow great fluff!!

I have been thinking about trying these too because you have raved on them more than once .

Are these the AIO's or the fitteds? Are they front or side snap? Not that you need prodding really but if you can will you post a pick of one on baby Noah? I am trying to do a comparison of my dd as she also wears a med in most things?

Happy fluffy day!!! ~H
Those dipes are AI2's. She also makes great fiteds-we have a couple of those too. But I prefer AI2's over fitteds, any band.

This is the only pic I have of Noah in one, just a booty shot. I will put one on him tomorrow and post it. I love how they fit They're side snapping, which I like best also. She makes side aplix on her fitteds now, but AI2's are all snapping.

Angel- Maybe when I send you PP tomorrow, you can get one I think what I'm sending you should be just enough. But no, sorry, I don't think I need anything else from you right now--I think I have bought more from you than anyone else here!
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