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Re: Is anyone overdue?

Originally Posted by iamhere77 View Post
hi mama! i'm sorry you're overdue! waiting is sooo hard!
i'm curious why you wouldn't be able to have a waterbirth if you are given pit? is that just something your hospital does? i saw you live in MN...i do too. i plan on having my baby (not for a while yet) and HCMC in minneapolis. ok...done taking over the thread now
It may be something with the hospital; I am delivering at Waconia Hosp (Ridgeview Medical Center). My midwife explained, and I didn't question why at the time, you couldn't get in the birthing tub within 4 hours of being given pitocin; I had just assumed it had something to do with either having an IV or being delivered pharmaceuticals in general.

I had a waterbirth at St. Joseph's in St. Paul with my second, and I don't remember what their policy was regarding it--if I ever even knew.

Something to ask HCMC about; Waconia had a release form that went over why one might be denied a waterbirth.

Good luck! I really, really loved my first waterbirth and recommend it highly to every mama I meet!
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