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Re: Is anyone overdue?

I was just thinking about posting this as a topic! I have never liked being pregnant. And at my last midwife appt they told me that they want to do an ultrasound at 41 1/2 weeks (next Mondayish), and will induce if she's not out that following Friday. I'm terrified of pitocin!! I envy the people who aren't educated about the risks of some of this stuff, because honestly, I believe she will come when she is ready, and a due date is only a guess!

For the record, if anyone is thinking about being induced, do research on having your membranes stripped before you get drugs of have them break your waters! It's much safer!!

Oh, and castor oil works for many people, but I think you have to be really ready for it to work. I've tried it twice now, and it's NOT FUN!! But I'll be trying again this weekend if it'll keep away that ultrasound (I already had one, felt guilty about it, but justified it by saying I wouldn't have another one, as researched seemed to indicate that if there WERE any risks, they showed up with multiple ultrasounds and not really with only one... it's probably fine, but you always want to be as safe as possible when it's your baby, you know?? The guilt begins even before birth!! )
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