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Who Da' Thunk?

Covers would be SO friggin addciting? I was never really a huge fan of covers, but now that Ive been doing the tri fold PF thing for like a week now I LOVE THEM and cant believe I didnt do this sooner. I bought the CUTEST cover from Precious Coverings By April today for 9.50 (I chose a more expensive print "Vintage Candy" for a whole whopping 1.50 more) and cant wait to get it.

And, PFs! Best invention EVER! Hold like the hoover damn. Riley took a THREE hour nap today and she was in a thirstie with a thirstie cover and I FOR SURE thought she was going to wake up soaked from head to toe. Nope! Dry as a BONE!!!!

Just had to share my excitement.
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