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Low-lying placenta, pelvic pressure and 11 weeks to go!

At my first ultrasound, I was told I have "low lying placenta." Not placenta previa, but it was lower than "they" wanted it. (as if I do either! )
Well, I am now 29 weeks along and it feels SO different than my first two boys. I don't remember having to control the "pregnancy waddle" until at least the last month, but I feel like I am waddling ALL THE TIME! I also have pelvic pressure (like the last month) frequently. Of course...there are braxton hicks...but those are normal for me.

Has anyone else felt differently with a "low-lying placenta" than with a normal one? Just curious. This is only my third pregnancy, so I am no expert yet. I know each one is different.

I have an appointment tomorrow and will probably ask then.
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