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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!?

okay i actually had that problem with ds#2 and he wasn't even chunky. it just happens i guess, but didn't even happen with him until he was 5 months and the ped was actually nice enough to tell me to continue to do what i was doing (i had already slowly been pulling it back away and each time putting neosporin on it and a & d to keep it slick), he said either i could continue to do it slowly or he would have to do it and i that i didn't want that to happen. so i continued and one day while i was slowly doing it (you just have to be gentle and just do it at each diaper change) the skin finally just gave way. after that i just always kept a & d (the regular ointment NOT the diaper cream) on it to keep it lubricated so it wouldn't grow back AGAIN. what caused this with him IMO was that the circ wasn't fully done, the ped said otherwise, but this is my opinion and i had a nurse prac later on say the same. the ped i started going to after this said he could finish the circ but i refuse to put my DS through that again. he's now going to be 3 this summer and all is good. the turtle is just half in it's shell at rest is all lol.
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