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Re: Is this true?

I would say every woman is different.

My first labor was 4.5 hours all together and easy recovery my midwife told me I was made to have children

My second was 8 hours (I was told you never go up in time boy were they wrong) recovery was a little harder than the first

My third labor was 11 hours (yep kinda figured ) recovery was easier than the time before but not as easy as the first

My fourth was 7 hours (yay we went back down) recovery was very easy

this time I am hoping since I have been getting back in shape labor will be shorter and recovery just as good as always. Oh and pushing time for me has always been quick and easy. As soon as my water breaks I go really fast (normaly 2hours after my water breaks baby is born)

I have always had very easy recoveries with no problems. I also have pretty easy labors though from what I have been told.

My mom had two 4.5 hour labors with very easy recovery on both so I think it really depends on your body, your physical condition, etc.

I hope you have a great homebirth
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