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Re: How bad are they? (Artificial Sweeteners)

Originally Posted by Jonesy View Post
No problem. And I did not mean for anyone to feel like I am telling them they are killing themselves or their children. And I don't mean to say that if you use them that you are doing wrong. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I can get fanatical and carried away sometimes. (and I certainly would NEVER tell Nikki or anyone that something they did or were doing or didn't do caused a disease in their child. That's just WRONG!!!) It's just been one of the things I'VE been trying to do for my family. And yes, there is so much out there that is "bad" for us that if we tried to stay away from it all we'd all go crazy.
And I still have things in my home that have artificial sweetners in them. I don't like it...I'm slowly trying to get rid of it all. But first, I can't afford to just throw it all out and get new stuff...and second, I'm still doing my own research to find "better" alternatives. It's very daunting...
My sister and I were just discussing how everything supposedly causes cancer now- mostly because they have no idea what really does cause they say- "only drink water!" BUT WAIT! Is it purified?! And maybe we should only eat grass.....WAIT...was it fertilized??? You've just got to do the best you can...
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