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Re: Anyone take Zofran?

LOL, i couldn't get anything either, and i lost 35 pounds!! Supposedly, i was "not sick enough", because, despite CONSTANT vomiting, and serious weight loss, my electrolytes were actually decent...??....

But, a friend of mine did get it, but only a couple days worth, because she got some sort of stomach flu during her pregnancy, so he gave her enough to get through it, and she said it worked wonderfully! She never mentioned any adverse effects.

The diclectin is just unisom with B6.......i tried that, but it didn't work for me.....

Nothing worked for me, during the ugliest period, lol....after that passed, the best thing i was able to come up with guys are so gonna laugh....dairy queen
Seriously..for some reason soft serve ice cream would stay down...i think it was because it was a solid, but a know?
So, i started out every day with an ice cream from DQ...LOL!
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