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Re: poop?

My dr. told us to give our kids prune juice everyday for their constipation. My kids hate it, but it does help if I can get it in them. I'd be careful of apple juice, as it can produce a lot of gas and diarrhea. I've heard raw milk is much less constipating and then pasturized milk takes out the digestive enzymes that make it easier for us to digest. Haven't tried it yet though, also heard goat's milk is good and easier to digest. I would avoid soy, since this can interfere with hormones and also can cause allergies. My son refuses to drink milk, but he will eat organic yogurt and drink kefir. He seems to do better with those. He has a lot of stomach issues, but he has the opposite, and has diarrhea and vomiting.

Also make sure that he is getting enough water to drink to help food come out more easily
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