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Re: Anyone have any good salmon recipes

OK, mine is totally easy and knida healthy:

Here you go(for 2 fillets)

Lime juice (2 works great)


Chili Powder (2 Tbs is our taste)

This is all to taste, start with the 2 limes jucied, then add the honey, I would guess we use about 2 Tbs also, it should how you like it. I like a perfect blend of tangy(lime)-sweet(honey) Then the chili powder adds smokey heat.

To cook: Really easy, dunk the salmon in mixture, put in med heat non-stick pan with 2 Tbs olive oil. I then pour the rest of the mix over the salmon while cooking. The honey will burn, so watch it. Cook 2-3 minutes on each side.
We use our Costco frozen fillets and make this once a week.....
Also, you could BBQ, and use this as a baste. Honey will watch!

If you try and like....say "Thanks Rachel Ray!!!!"
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