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Even if you're not pregnant now, start attending meetings to absorb what other moms are dealing with, make friends, let your kids make friends and share your story so that the leaders and others (like me) who've experienced the pain/mental wear-down of cracked/bleeding nipples can ask you about when things began to go wrong- how to keep from going down that path again. Even if the closest group is an hour away, I'd recommend going periodically now and throughout the pregnancy. I'm always amazed at our local LLL meetings at how moms who had difficult or non-existent breastfeeding experiences are surprised by their welcome into the group. Plus, its just a help to hear from other moms who are gently parenting siblings through hormonal pregnancies, household running, nutrition, etc. I'm fortunate that our group has an on-line chat for the month-long between the meeting time. I hope you'll find a group nearby and find some new friends there. Emily
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