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Re: tell me about your convertible car seat

i had a hand me down no name car seat it was boxy and looked extremely uncomfortable!! thank god we never went on any long trips. (i had almost nothing for income so couldn't afford trips of any kind. also why i wasn't choosy about the car seat i was given) this time around i wanted something that would be comfortable. i just ordered the eddie bauer 3 in 1 car seat from sears. it's got a 5 point harness, 3 point adjustable shoulder straps, arm rests that can fold up or be removed(for the chunkier todlers) it's rear facing for 5-35 lbs, forward facing for 20-65 lbs and booster for up to 85 lbs. it has alot of soft padding in the sides and under and beside babe, it also has three recline positions!! that was the selling feature for us!! it also came in four colour scemes. good luck finding the perfect one for you little one.
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