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Re: what to do when you are too sick to DTD

Originally Posted by CottonMamma
I dunno... depends on how you feel (not just sick I mean but how much you're TTC if that makes sense). I know when we were TTC w/DS#2 it seemed like it was so long... that even when sick or didn't want to sometimes I'd "take one for the team" LOL Just real quick I so could get DH's lil men in there to start their swimming.
Well, that's the problem I guess. We are just starting to TTC, but first time around it took over 3 years with various tests and procedures done in between. So knowing we have fertility issues makes me think we should also "take one for the team" so as not to delay any chance. If we TTC for 6 months this time around with no results, we've been instructed to see our specialist after that time, as opposed to waiting the regular recommended 1 year.

I guess we'll have to wait to see how we feel tonight. With the two of us with runny noses and sore throats, it could make for a laughable situation!
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