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Talking Updated: Please give me input! <---issue resolved finally

man can i share this all? well someones opinion would be helpful!

Here is what has happened thus far.......

I ordered something on ds and sent pp. she told me apparently the wrong address to send it to, as for her, she has just disappeared.

So this other mama has my money and says that the ds gal owes her too! I asked her to refund my money since I haven't actually ordered anything from her. She told me she is sorry the other mama scamed me, but she can't refund my money because she needs the money.

I filed a dispute with paypal because I just don't understand how she can keep my money when I didn't acutally buy anything from her.

This morning I had an e-mail saying she couldn't believe that I filed, and asking how I would like neg. feedback on DS?!?<-- can she do that?? I just don't get it, maybe I will just drop the whole thing, but 35 dollars for nothing??? we didn't even have enough money for gas last week! WWYD??
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