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Re: Anyone take Zofran?

Originally Posted by fpww_rachael
I took Zofran and I would take out a loan for it if I had to because it was amazing! I get hyperemesis really bad, and have been in the hospital for it because of extreme weight loss during pregnancy. Anyway, I took a few things with my first pregnancy and nothing helped. Then, with my second pregnancy, my dr. said that Zofran (which I had never taken) was being offered in a different form that simply dissolved in your mouth. It's very expensive, but so worth it, and also safe. The max you can take it 2 a day, I took that for at least a month! Then, I weaned down to 1 a day for a little while longer. Ask your dr. about it. If I'm ever pregnant again, I am going to ask for it immediately!!!

OMG it was a lifesaver just like PP said. I was on everything... & finally the doc gave me this. It was like a miracle. I remember not taking a few times thinking "I feel fine. I bet I'm over my morning sickness" & no way, was puking like a champ when I didn't take it. I had hypermesis really badly too (I lost 20 lbs in my first pregnancy initially). Anyway. this is the best drug for it!
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