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Re: Please give me input!

I would keep the claim open. *If* she leaves negative feedback then you can deal with that then. I'm still pretty new myself, but I think that the mods can adjust feedback in certain situations...maybe someone who knows better than me can chime in on that one...

But...what is she going to leave negative feedback for? All you are doing is asking her to refund money that was never hers to begin with. I mean really...I could use some extra money right now, but I would never keep money that wasn't rightfully mine.

I'm guessing that the mama that you "bought" owed money to the mama whose address she gave. she's covered her debt (admittedly in a bizarre and highly unethical way), except that she now has a debt to you.

The other mama was probably very frustrated over her "deal gone bad" with the first mama...and sees your payment as a means to compensate. Except...that's whack. It's not her money. She needs to send it back ASAP. Just because she needs the money doesn't justify keeping money that isn't hers.
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