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Re: Please give me input!

Can I ask how in the world did she give you the wrong paypal address and how could it have gone to someone else on DS? This just kinda seems fishy to me like maybe she has 2 paypal accounts and scammed you! Please report it to a MOD every detail you have including the email addresses for each person and the user name that you know of for the one momma! this is not right and if she does leave you feedback I am sure if it is true that she is messing with you MamaJo will take care of it but please inform someone in the MOD department this should not be happening I do not care if the 1st momma owes the second momma you did nothing and she 2nd momma needs to take it up with the 1st momma!

please keep us posted!

ETA do not close the claim and be very very specific when dealing with paypal!
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