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Re: Please give me input!

SO let me see if I have this right...
you bought dipes from Mama A
Mama A owed money to Mama B so gave you Mama B's PP addy to pay her
Mama A then disapeared without sending you what you bought
Mama B has your money that Mama A owed to her
Mama B will not refund your money because it was owed to her by Mama A

is this accurate?
As I see it you should have paid Mama A and had Mama A pay Mama B... but you had no idea you were not paying Mama A correct?

I would keep the claim in PayPal and try and get your money back... this is between Mama A and Mama B and you should not be stuck in the middle without $35 and without what you paid for! I feel sorry for all the mamas involved in this mess
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