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Originally Posted by keegans_mommy
My ADHD/Asperger's child runs as if off a battery that never drains LOL And she is also an excellent artist and will sit still for that. She is completely obsessed but this is normal for an Aspie kid. But it's also normal to have a VERY strong interest in one specific thing for kids with ADD/ADHD so your kids is normal for HIM There isn't anything "wrong" with him, he may just have a few "wires" crossed in his brain someplace Did you see my reply to your last post?

Actually, my DD was just diagnozed with Asperger's too, and she sounds just like yours! Excellent artist... when she wants to do something, she can focus just fine, she can merorize whole movie dialogues, but cannot learn how to spell 3 letter words... There is never a dull moment!!
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