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Re: How did your parents tell you about sex?

I learned early. I think I was in the first grade when a neighbor who was 3 years older than me told me that babies were made when a guy peed inside you. No lie. I think before that she told me that babies were made when a guy kissed you and put his tongue in your mouth. So...when I went and told my mom, she realized she needed to straighten me out. I'm pretty sure she used a book, don't remember what it was called, though. And I remember watching the "My Mom is Having a Baby" after school special, but I already knew pretty much everything that was in it by the time it came on (I was maybe in 3rd grade or so).

So, at some point, I decided to share my knowledge with a friend who was younger than me. Her mom called my mom to let her know. I didn't get in trouble but my mom said that I didn't need to be going around telling others about it because that was something parents should tell their kids, not friends. She did say that at least I had given factually correct information!

DS was old enough to be very curious during my pregnancy last year (5 to 6 years old). We often watched A Baby Story and Birthday on the Learning/Discovery channels. He knows the difference between a c-section and vaginal delivery. He knows all about breastfeeding. He knows that mom and dad get together and that there's an egg and a sperm/seed involved to make the baby--he just doesn't know exactly how they get together. We didn't quite get around to discussing how. Wasn't sure if he was ready for that knowledge, but I found a book I liked. We've read the first chapter that describes the differences between boys and girls. Everytime he wants to read more of it, though, it's at bedtime (and I'd rather have plenty of time available to read and discuss). He's always been curious, LOVES to know how things work. I think he was 2 or 3 when he asked where babies come from. We've also read the Childcraft book section about "where did I come from" but it also does not cover intercourse, just the sperm/egg.

I was fortunate to be able to talk to my mom about pretty much anything. I don't remember when we discussed contraception. I may have learned it at school in health, not really sure. Or from reading. I read her copy of Lace in junior high, I think (she didn't know). That's where I learned about oral sex (and my reaction was EEEEEWWW!).

TMI, probably...seems to be par for the course for me.
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