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Re: Eating organic/All natural on a budget?

binkydl you are awesome! My dh & I are getting more & more passionate about all this stuff too. Our family, particularly his have been so tough on us....they don't understand why we choose to eat this way. It's new for my dh & I but we have becoming more & more committed to it ...we started in baby steps & then we just kept wanting more the more we did research. If people don't choose to eat this way, that is fine...but leave us alone already. I am doing it for many reasons now, but it started b/c of my blood sugar levels. I am not diabetic but I am hypoglycemic & I don't want to become a diabetic. Also, my father has high cholesterol on meds...and I don't want that for myself.

It's scary with all the food now...and all of it starting to be made in a lab. I am with you on the diseases...they don't have enough studies to know what that kind of food can do for you. You are right, people ate so differently even 50 yrs ago, and now we want it all ...and it to be convenient...

Thanks for all the info!!! I am going to have my dh read the thread when he gets home. We are thinking about getting chickens & starting a garden. I originally grew up in a city/suburban area..but we now live on 70acres of land in PA where my dh grew up. I'll let you know how it goes!
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