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Re: WWYD: RE Childcare

Originally Posted by kocho View Post
I would probably stay since you're already comfortable there. But that's just me, I don't like change. But it really sounds like you want him in more of a preschool type situation where he will be learning more. I don't think it hurts to check out your options.

BTW - it's great that your church has an actual class at 24 months. Ours just started that and I love it!! Grace was so ready for more then just nursery!!

thanks mama....i guess part of the reason i'm wanting it is that and we were kind of expecting a change since he was going to be 'moving' anyway.

landon actually snuck in the 24 month class a few times b/c he was 'walking' and doing alot but they made go back to the infant class because of his age. I didn't take him in the 24 month class but this was before they knew how old he was and the people told me the wrong class (this was before I knew age categories and they just told me to put him with the toddlers) anyway I do like the differences though!
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