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Re: WWYD: RE Childcare

We're going through this too - dd seems to have "aged" out of her current sitter. The sitter is wonderful for babies, but there's just not much there for an active, curious 2.5 yo little girl. We've decided to keep her there until the summer, then maybe send her 1 day/week, we'll see (I teach and am due in June, so keeping her there would be nice), then in the fall, she'll go to full-time preschool. She just recently and quite unexpectedly became the oldest child at the sitters - the sitter has her own 5 yo, who goes to preschool, then there was a little boy a couple of months older than dd, but his mom just have birth and is keeping him home with her for maternity leave, so poor dd is left with the 14 mo and the 12 mo, as well as the part time 7 mo. It's good, in a way, b/c she's learning to get along better with younger kids, but she's def. missing some intellectual stimulation there. I would change her to preschool now, but I don't want to do too many changes at one time, plus I want her to spend the majority of time in the summer at home with me and the baby, and she'd loose her preschool spot in the case. It's hard to think about changing, b/c dd is very comfortable there and has been there since she was 8 weeks old, but I know the time has come. I'm sure you'll start seeing more and more signs that your ds is ready to move on. Could you ask the parents of the other little boy who had moved on to the next sitter what they'll be doing for care when his sitter closes? Maybe you could still keep them together at another sitter?
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